USA 76 is a thoroughbred racing yacht of the International America's Cup Class. She's pure carbon fibre, fast and fun to sail. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail a piece of America's Cup history.

USA 76 was launched in 2011 by Brad and Karen Webb to provide guests with the ultimate sailing experience. Consistent winds, mild year-round temperatures, and spectacular scenery make San Francisco Bay one of the most iconic places in the world to sail. Many of the world’s greatest sailors and several America’s Cup Teams have been launched from these waters. San Francisco’s entry for the 31st America’s Cup in 2003 was the yacht patriotically named USA 76 with Brad Webb sailing in the bowman position. Brad is still sailing today with Orcale Racing defending the America's Cup. 

USA 76 capacity is 20 passengers. We offer Clif bars and bottled water aboard each trip. There is no other food or beverage allowed. SPECIAL NOTE: There is no restroom aboard this vessel so strategic planning is required :-)

You can buy tickets for her various trips. If you want the boat for private charter, 20 tickets must be purchsed.

Daily Sails $150 person

Sunset Sails $180 person

Race Days $180 person (these are races at specific events, particularly South Beach Yacht Club Friday Night Series)

Length: 80 ft. Homeport: San Francisco
Certified. Passenger Cap.: 20 Comfortable Passenger Cap.: 17
2.5 Hours, Up to 20 Guests: $2,500

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2.5 Hours, Up to 20 Guests: $4,000
(includes the Legendary Brad Webb Aboard)
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Special Programs: High Performance Sailing aboard a world class America's Cup Yacht