Virus Procedures & Policies

Corona Virus Safety Procedures after Opening
We want to assure everyone that we take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously.  We will be using these precautions to ensure everyone's health and safety. 
General Business Activities
  • We will be abiding by physical distancing guidelines as best as possible
  • Both staff and students must wear masks at all times during the lessons, charters and in/around the office.
  • Provide a sink with soap and hot water for washing hands upon request.
  • Any staff showing symptoms of illness will be sent home immediately
  • We accept Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung Pay etc.
  • We will be implementing paperless waivers and online prepayment as much as Possible
  • We may limit the # people allowed on our premises at any given time. This may result in having waiting times so we ask that you are patient with us!
  • We will have frequent cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place for the entire operation.
Sailing Lessons, Bareboat & Skippered Charters
  • Reduce the class size 50% to a maximum of 2 students…classes are now 4 hours each day.
  • Strive to maintain social distancing whenever possible. Our classroom size has  doubled in square footage and we are encouraging outdoor lectures.
  • We are requesting staff to bring their own lifejacket. If you don’t have one, we will buy one for you and label it with your name.
  • Student/Charterer life jackets worn that day are hung on the boom at the end of class/charter and washed with disinfectant soap along with all the surfaces of the boat and left to dry in the sun.
  • Winch handles to be left in the cockpit so they are part of the end of day washing
  • Interiors and other frequently touched areas will be sprayed with disinfectant before use.
Passenger Vessel Events
  • Reduce the passenger limit 50% of COI onboard the certified vessels
  • All crew and passengers to wear masks aboard the vessel.
  • Either Self Contained Box Lunches or BYO food aboard. No Buffets
  • Helm Area & Bathrooms will be throughly Sanitized after each event.
  • Provide Sink with soap, water and paper towels for passengers
  • Strive to maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  • Interiors and other frequently touched areas will be sprayed with disinfectant before use
We will be updating this page with more information as needed. 
If there are any concerns or questions please let us know.  415-543-7333