Sail Under the Golden Gate

Check this one OFF the Bucket List!

There's nothing quite as majestic as the Golden Gate scope, majesty and just the sheer size of it. Sailing under the "Gate" is a magical experience and what better way than to take a group of colleagues, friends or family.

Board either Yukon Jack or Bay Lady at our base on San Francisco's Pier 40, South Beach Harbor. We'll take a leisurely cruise up the Cityfront along the Ferry Building, Coit Tower and Pier 39, serving food and beverage all along the way. We’ll set sail at Pier 39 and press on towards the gate. The Bay provides the backdrop and sailing provides the excitement.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge the Bay gets tougher, almost like it wants to keep you landbound. When you finally look up under the bridge and out on to the briny Pacific you’ll know you’re in the midst of something you’ll never forget. 

We’ll take a quick tack in Little Bonita Cove and head back downwind for a lovely and relaxing downwind sail back home. We’ll pull out the housemate desserts for your enjoyment. 

Yukon Jack can typically perform this feat in a 3 hour event. Bay Lady will take 4 hours. Both boats can get damp as we will be beating (tacking) to weather the whole distance towards the Gate. Regardless, the trip is WORTH it!

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