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The services offered by Rendezvous Charters of San Francisco are perfect for every event planner who wants to plan something that will stand out in style and adventure. 

All events planned with Rendezvous Charters comes with an ever-changing view of the City water front. Imagine the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, Treasure Island and the rest of the bay as a background to your adventure. Whether you are looking for a way to reward employees, a place to hold a corporate function, or a way to build teamwork and cooperation skills in your workforce, the services we offer are a natural choice for the corporate event planner. We hope that if you're looking to plan San Francisco sailing charters that you'll check us out!

One of our most popular full-day programs. Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, this beautiful, mountainous, 740 acre ...

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Teamwork. Today, America's top corporations are stressing the importance of the Team Concept as critical to improving their efficiency and productivity. Many companies are striving to reinforce teamwork among their personnel by providing...

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ALL HANDS ON DECK!    PREPARE TO SET SAIL!    HOIST AWAY!  Your employees get to be the ships crew on this exciting adventure. Under the command of our U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and highly qualified...

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Check this one OFF the Bucket List!

There's nothing quite as majestic as the Golden Gate scope, majesty and just the sheer size of it....

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